Decoder Construction

In my last post I covered off the full design for the decoder card so all that remains is to get it soldered up and tested. As before I’ve put a video together which covers the highlights:

As you can see towards the end of the video that’s the basics of branching complete and finally my computer is capable of running more complicated programs that have loops and decision making points in them. As reaching this point has coincided nicely with the start of a new decade I’ll now pause construction for a moment whilst I create a series of ‘2020 update’ videos. In these videos I’ll cover off:

  • Architecture
  • Instruction Set
  • Assembly Language
  • Programming
  • Computer Tour
  • Computer Demo

Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for the videos being published throughout January 2020. I’ll also update this blog of course with links to the video plus any supporting docs etc. Happy new year one and all.

Published Jan 05, 2020