ALU Construction: Logic Card Wire Wrap 2

Continuing on with the wire wrapping for the ALU logic card next up is the input and result links:

ALU Logic Card ALU Logic Card (close up - connectors) ALU Logic Card (close up - bit units)

Given the limited range of colours I’ve got to choose from (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) I’ve chosen the following scheme for the wire links:

  • Black: Internal wire links
  • Red: Power links
  • Blue: Input links
  • Green: Result links
  • Yellow: Control links

I’ll no doubt break this convention at some point but in general it should make the cards a little bit easier to fathom out at first glance … especially as the number of wires on the board increases.

Technically there’s now enough wire linked in to actually spark up the card and see the results on the LEDs along the card front … and it’s too much of a temptation for me not to so I’m going to plug in some relays and give it a whirl.

Published Dec 12, 2013