ALU Construction: Logic Card Header Pins

Following on from the successful construction of the first bit on the ALU logic card in my last post it’s now time to start putting together the other 7 bits and the gating circuits (to place one of the logic results on to the data bus). First up is soldering down all the header pins that I’ll wire wrap to.

This part of the construction is certainly repetitive and it’s easy to make mistakes … and actually I made a couple within placing down the first few headers. Suffice to say that it’s a lot easier to solder multi-leg components than it is to unsolder them. Here’s the result of this evenings work:

ALU Logic Card ALU Logic Card (solder side) ALU Logic Card (close up)

The board is starting to take shape now … the next job will be soldering down all the sockets for the relays which promises to be an incredibly fiddly job.

Published Dec 08, 2013