Instruction Set

In the last post I promised to reveal the planned instruction set for the computer and here it is (pdf file).

This should be viewed alongside the architecture diagram which can be found in my previous architecture posts … and to be fair if you’ve been following along through my recent posts then just close your eyes … you’ll probably find it’s been burnt on to your eye balls given the amount of times I’ve posted it ;)

I’ll avoid going into depth on the instruction set for now but suffice to say it’s based on the instruction set used by the Dr Harry Porter Relay Computer so it all works with the architecture it was designed for (the same architecture I’m building against).

So, it’s now time to move on from the architecture and theory side of things (which is all looking sound) and start thinking about how to actually construct the computer. For now though I’ve got a nice long weekend away :)

Published Nov 07, 2013